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LOG:01 061

LOG:01 061 published on No Comments on LOG:01 061

You have completed the first chapter of “The Sprawl” and I hope you’re enjoying the story so far.

Before you continue on to LOG:02 I wanted to let you know that you can become a subscriber to “The Sprawl” for as little as $1 a month. With a $1 subscription you’ll get access to each month’s pages early, shortly after the first of the month, rather than waiting each week for new pages. There are also additional tiers for subscribers which give access to concept art, work-in-progress pages, monthly pin-ups and more.

To subscribe, simply click this link and choose your tier.

As subscriber support grows so will the comic. More pages per week, subscriber exclusive bonus comics, better artwork. The biggest goal is to be able to continue the comic beyond the first planned volume and bring you all the full story of “The Sprawl”. Let’s see how far we can go!


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