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LOG:04 – 61

LOG:04 – 61 published on No Comments on LOG:04 – 61

Well, February sucked, but not as much as January.

Still on the mend from being sick, but able to get things done at least. February was spent playing catch up, both on the comic and on finances. Only partially successful with either because it took a couple of weeks before the medication the doc put me on at the beginning of the month started working and February is a short month to begin with. Still, made enough progress that March shouldn’t be such a scramble.

 If you want to help keep the comic going, check out my Patreon. I post all new pages there early, and at a higher resolution than what goes here. I also try to get out pinups and concept art when I can. Just a dollar a month helps a lot!

Also, be sure to grab the ComiXology edition of LOG:01, featuring higher resolution artwork and “Guided View”. It is hands down the best way to read The Sprawl.

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